Road Transportation

We offer the following services to meet the domestic and international needs of our customers through road transportation services

We offer the following services to meet the domestic and international needs of our customers through road transportation services:

Full Truckload Transportation: We provide full truckload transportation services with options such as curtain-sided vehicles, closed box vehicles, open (flatbed) vehicles, oversized cargo transportation, and refrigerated (temperature-controlled) vehicle loading, tailored to the needs of our customers. This allows us to transport our customers’ cargo under the most suitable and accurate conditions.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Transportation: Through our international LTL transportation service, we provide solutions to all our customers’ needs, including consolidation, deconsolidation, storage, customs clearance, door-to-door pickup, and delivery.

Other services that you can choose within our service scope include:

• Transportation with flexible movement opportunities in Europe
• Alternative transportation solutions and close partnerships with leading carriers
• Custom industrial solutions according to customer needs
• Providing honest, reliable, and fast service to ensure delivery within the requested time frame
• Partnership for customs procedures
• Document and insurance procedures
• Supply chain management
• Collection and distribution and packaging
• Bonded warehousing
• Warehouse services
• Compliance with regulations and information updates

Our aim is to provide services that meet the needs of our customers and ensure a seamless experience in transportation processes.

In our international road transportation services from Turkey to Asia and Europe, our workflow is as follows:

Demand and Planning: We analyze the transportation requests from our customers and plan suitable logistic solutions based on their needs.

Cargo Collection: We perform timely and reliable cargo collection operations from our customers.

Customs Clearance: We track the necessary customs processes for export and import operations and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Transportation: We carry out the transportation of cargoes according to the designated routes and dates.

Delivery: We ensure the timely and reliable delivery of cargoes to their destination points.

Tracking and Reporting: We track the safe transportation of cargoes at every stage of the transportation process. We provide reporting services to our customers after transportation.

Throughout the mentioned workflow, we strive to provide customer satisfaction-oriented services. Additionally, with our technological infrastructure, it is possible to track the entire transportation process.

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