As Meteor Trans, we also provide customs clearance services in logistics activities between Turkey and Russia.

Within the scope of these services, we offer customs-compliant services for export and import operations in Turkey.

Our business process is as follows:

Export or import application: Our client submits an application for export or import operations and provides the necessary documents.

Preparation of customs declaration: Based on the documents provided by our client, the customs declaration is prepared.
Approval of the customs declaration: The customs declaration is reviewed and approved by the customs authorities in Turkey.

Logistics planning: After the customs clearance process is completed, logistics planning is carried out for the collection of goods in our warehouses in Turkey and their transportation to Russia.

Entry into Russia: After passing through customs checks at the Russian border, the goods enter Russia.

Completion of customs clearance process in Russia: After the goods enter Russia, various procedures such as the preparation of customs declarations, payment of customs duties, and completion of customs controls are carried out.

Local logistics: Local logistics services are provided for the distribution and delivery of goods within Russia. This business process is managed by our teams operating in both Turkey and Russia, and we offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs. With our experienced and expert team, we successfully complete our customers’ transactions by obtaining the necessary documents and permits, preparing accurate declarations, and timely paying customs duties during the customs clearance process.

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