Meteortrans Logistics Human Resources Policy

Meteor Trans Logistics Human Resources Policy We are looking for individuals who want to make a difference in people’s lives by pursuing a career in the logistics industry, believing in the value of teamwork, and considering our colleagues as “us”.

We are open to continuous learning, development, and sharing our experiences.

Experience is a value that increases as we share it.

We are looking for responsible and solution-oriented candidates.

We prefer candidates who can stay calm under pressure and provide solutions by using their talents and knowledge at the right time and place.

We believe in ethical values and equality.

We believe that acting fairly, honestly, and transparently is the most important way to gain trust while achieving our individual goals.

We prioritize candidates with a creative and innovative perspective.

We invest in candidates who can provide value-added solutions based on our customers’ needs, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and possess creative thinking skills.

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