Our bonded warehouse service places great importance on the security and protection of our customers’ cargoes. Once the customs procedures are completed, we also provide delivery services for our customers’ cargoes.

The bonded warehouse service plays an important role in import and export processes. Through this service, our customers’ cargoes are stored and protected prior to customs control, and customs duties are not paid until the necessary procedures are completed.

When providing bonded warehouse service to our customers, it is necessary to obtain all the required permits for transportation, storage, and, if needed, customs procedures. At the beginning of this process, we collaborate with our customers to determine the most suitable bonded warehouse service option based on the type, quantity, and characteristics of their cargoes.

In our bonded warehouse service, we offer different storage areas based on the type of cargoes and customer demands. We take all necessary measures to protect the cargoes throughout the storage period and provide reporting services for our customers. If any issues arise during the storage of the cargoes, we quickly communicate with our customers to resolve them. Our bonded warehouse

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