About Us

Meteortrans is a transportation company that stands out with its activities in Asia and Europe. In addition to international road, sea and air transportation services, it also operates in areas such as customs clearance, storage, import-export consultancy. Our company, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, is with you with its professional team in successful supply chain management and economic service standards. As a reliable partner in global transportation, we eliminate all boundaries in the world and provide professional supply chain management. We are at your service with our expert team in air, sea, project and road transportation. 


To provide our customers with reliable, timely and sustainable logistics services, to help them grow their businesses and to be a leading position in the sector. 


To be a leading global logistics company by closely following technological developments and offering innovative logistics solutions to meet our customers’ supply chain needs. 

“Our priority is always our customers’ satisfaction, and we act accordingly.” 

Our Principles

Reliability: Reliability in logistics services is the key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. The safe transportation of your customers’ goods, consistent delivery times, and timely deliveries increase their trust in you. 


Wide Service Range: In logistics services, you need to offer a wide range of services that meet all your customers’ logistics needs. This allows your customers to work with a single service provider and increases the scope of services you offer to your customers. 


Technology Focus: The use of technology is an important factor in the logistics sector. The use of software and hardware that can track your customers, manage your logistics operations, and report, plays a significant role in ensuring customer satisfaction and making your logistics operations more effective and efficient. 


Customer Focus: Providing customer satisfaction in logistics services requires a customer-oriented approach. Understanding your customers’ needs, characteristics, and expectations, shaping your services accordingly, and providing personalized services to your customers’ needs increases customer satisfaction. 


Business Efficiency: In the logistics sector, business efficiency is critical. In logistics services, you need to constantly improve your business processes to reduce operational costs, shorten delivery times, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction. 


Quality and Safety: Quality and safety play an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction in logistics services. Safe transportation of goods, minimizing the risk of damage, and providing high-quality services increase the value you provide to your customers. 


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